Nanagaru, my dad

IMG-20180506-WA0014.jpgSometimes, I stop to think- of a life without my dad
And I think of how he’s been there- through the good times and the bad
He’s always been around with his splendid, often unheard advice
Telling me to stay away from eating filth and compelling me to exercise

At costs I won’t comprehend he made sure that I am always glad,
And he’s done this though I his son have not been an ideal lad
Though it is often I who drives him crazy and drives him mad
It’s astonishing grace that this man loves me! Dr. Solomon, my dad!

I think of the many times he carried me on his agile shoulder
Though I was a massive child, heavy and portly as a boulder
And then I think of the times he bathed me when I was frail, tired and sick
And the many times he amused me with his horde of magic tricks

And then I think of his inventive stories and his many creative tales
Of kings, queens and strange creatures and the pink flying whales
And I think of how he sat beside and gently bid me to sleep
And of times when sitting by the hospital bed, he would the lonely night watch keep

I think of the times I carelessly fought and wrestled with this dad
When I said unkind, hostile words and saw him become sad
I think of the many times I did not listen to what he had to say
But rather turned to walk my own road, much to his dismay

If I could thank you Jesus, a hundred million times
And sing my songs of gratitude or compose many rhymes
I still would not be able to thank you for this father you gave me on earth
Words would never truly encompass my dad’s virtue, value and worth

For all my life the closest friend I ever had- has been this father of mine
I’ve seen his black hair turn to grey, and his wisdom mature like wine
I’ve received his abundant, sacrificial love that is so fierce and yet so mild
And I’ve seen how though he’s growing old, he eats chocolates like a child

It pains me to think that one day, this dad won’t be around when I am old
To give me his wisdom and love that is of far more worth than gold
To be telling me those stories and cracking those old man jokes
To laugh aloud with me and mom till we all just tear up and choke

And to think that my Heavenly Father -loves me more than this
The thought, just fills me with a bizarre mix of grief and of bliss
One day, my dad would give my care completely into the hands of our Father on high
Together dad and God will watch me from heaven- until the day I die

One day my wonderful father, will be but a sweet memory to reminisce
And he will no longer be here on earth to grace my head with a kiss
But his example will be mine to share with my children when I become old
I will give my children the same wisdom and love that is of far more worth than gold

That day I hope, the Father and my father will smile at my life
As they watch me mature and find my way in joy and in strife
They will wait eagerly to bid me welcome when I join them for the great reunion up there
At the great feast of the Lamb- where there are no cares or worries- for our hearts to bear


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