When failure and misery is my lot
And the nets that I cast don’t capture the fish
When the waves strike my ship and drown me in
Who do I call on but Jesus!

           Who else pursues me and gives me hope ?
           Who else loves, endures and saves like Him?
           Who else forgives, revives and refines like Him?
           Who do I call on, but Christ Jesus!

When the choices I make turn out to be wrong
When the crowd in the church looks me down
When my sin is made public for all to see
Who would love me but Jesus!

When I am most vile and wicked and lost
When my heart fails the heart of God
When my lamp is darkened and my eyes are vile
Who would refine me but Jesus!

When my knowledge and skill work against me
When my heart is  broken and tattered to bits
When my pursuits and passions put my face in the dust
Who would fix me but Jesus!

When I am dying and sick and have lost all my hope
When I have no strength to fight the good fight
When my knees give way and I fall to the ground
Who can revive me but Jesus!


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