Of the few people I look up to and consider worthy of my ear
Are the two of you, Prince and Gayatri, who to me are so dear.
The conversations we’ve had and the lessons that I at your home did learn-
Are of far more value and more worth than everything I could earn.

Seldom do you see a man who’s heart is by the Spirit ignited,
Or a woman who’s heart only by heavenly treasures is delighted.
To see this man and woman married to one another- is like finding nuggets of gold
It’s a bliss to watch them trust in God while them He crafts and moulds.

Looking all around me, I see- people who talk much and do less;
And I behold a generation that rarely lets their hearts be God’s home address.
Yet, I see in the two of you- God’s grace accomplishing its true purpose
I praise God that in your lives, I see no vice or sham- or any earthly circus.

As you progress from year to year and with little Elijah you spend your days
May the heavens find your family praying: seeking Jesus and His ways!
May your desires never eclipse the will of the God of mercy: the Ancient of Days
May you be vigilant guardians of what you hold while on Christ you lay your gaze.

Happy anniversary Prince and Gayatri! I love you two (three, counting Elijah) !


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