A young lad came to church on a Sunday morn
His shirt was tidy but his soul was worn
Jesus whispered to him, “Come now, and follow after me”
Almost decided, the lad replied “Tomorrow Jesus, I will come to Calvary’s tree
When it is more convenient, Jesus, and when I have more time to be free”
Gripped by the music, his lips skillfully sang, “I surrender all”
But his heart did not beat in tune to the Savior’s tearful call.

A young lass too walked into church that day
Her clothes were neat, but her soul was swayed
Jesus whispered to her, “The narrow road has room for two”
Almost persuaded, the lass replied, “Tomorrow Jesus, I will walk with you,
When more conviction comes, when my sins and duties are few”
She opened the hymnal, and softly sang, “Jesus, my Saviour! My sins He bore”
Her eyes looked unto the cross, but her heart stayed outside the door.

“Almost persuaded,” time will soon be past!
“Almost decided,” death will come at last!
“Almost saved” cannot avail;
“Almost redeemed” is but to fail!
Oh should I hope for a better time,
Waiting for more conviction, when only now is mine?
Oh God of mercy, I can no longer wait;
I will make choice of heaven, and decide before it be too late.

*Based on two forgotten hymns that were sung  for altar calls in the last two centuries, Almost Persuaded- by Philip P Bliss and Almost Decided- by Barney Elliott Warren*


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