I wonder what ran through Joseph’s mind!
For all we know, he was man so kind
Kindness- that virtue – so precious and rare
The pregnant-virgin-paradox he had to learn to bear!

Was he tired of all the hassle and pain?
Did he feel his life was in vain?
Did he hasten the tired donkey to walk faster?
Was he eager to meet his son- his Master?

Many were the dreams of this young carpenter man,
But the voice of God called him onward with another plan.
He hastened and married Mary and took up his cross-
All else was worthless. All else was loss.

joseph 3.jpg
It sure wasn’t easy to wake up from that angelic dream
And just go on with life the next day
Society would shun me and I’d lose my wealth
But I had to obey, for that was God’s way!

So many questions plagued my mind as I walked by the stream
A part of me couldn’t believe what I saw in the dream
A part of me wanted to run away from the marriage ahead
There was chaos and confusion about the woman I had to wed

What must I do with Mary after this?
This relationship of ours isn’t full of bliss.
We are but outcasts for the decisions we took-
They’ll call her a whore and they’ll call me a crook!

Will our babe even survive this difficult birth?
What will he grow up to be upon this earth?
Will he be a normal, healthy & happy child?
Will he be a pleasure to us, tender and mild?

Will he be a carpenter- chipping and chopping hard at wood?
Will he be making Israel’s finest furniture – like his father could?
Will he like the angel said- really save people from bondage and sin?
Oh! This child of humble birth, who can’t even find an inn!

Yet, to think that God chose me to work on his incredible mission
Twas’ humbling and confusing to my short sighted vision
This was bigger than my dreams, bigger than my life and my all.
T’was my time to heed, trust and obey heaven’s mysterious call

Lord, I hope there is place for Mary to rest her head
I hope that in Bethlehem -we find a cozy bed
I hope we don’t have to have the baby in a shed.
Oh God, make it easy, let me not be filled with dread!

I am but a poor carpenter lad, young and in my prime..
But if this is my purpose, Lord, if this is my time;
Let me be the most gracious husband this world has ever seen;
Let me be more kind than any father who has ever been!

Let me not pause or stop or rest until your will is done.
Set free your will upon me for as long as my race is run.
Teach me to be a gentlemanly husband and father-  God fearing, humble, caring, responsible, kind, faithful, meticulous, good and wise.
Help Mary and I build a family that’s devoted to you- through the lows and through the highs!


*Thank you, Mom, Cliff, Blessy and Josey for inspiring me to write this. 🙂 Merry Christmas to us all!*





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