I remember that strange winter night
When I heard the news of a man of might
They called him Stephen. He was a man so bright!
They said his face shone like a strange heavenly light.
So enlightened was this man, yet full of heresy and twisted words
People would go to hear him speak in throngs and herds.

Early next morning, a  few of us made some plans to end his life
His message had to be stopped. His head had to meet the knife
This “Gospel” he was sharing brought so much strife
And speculations about what he spoke on went around so rife

He spoke of a certain Jesus who he claimed was The Promised One
Stephen said this Man was God in the body- and he fought with sin and death.. and won.
He said we can all be freed from sin if we would just trust and obey this Man
“There’s no other way to see heaven though try you can!”

Heresy! Blasphemy! I couldn’t keep on listening and hearing
His words spoke like fire- but to me they weren’t endearing.
So I picked up a heavy stone and threw it right at his head
All I wanted to see at the synagogue that day- was this man dead.

As more stones were pelted, I heard him howl and cry
His throat was scorched from elaborate speech and it sounded dry
Tears mixed with blood fell to the ground as he looked up to pray
And he prayed that God would forgive the stone pelters that very day

He then fell to his lanky knees and swiftly bled to death
Misery was his lot as he heaved his last breath
As he lay in a pool of blood that was mixed with dirt and mud
His gentle eyes met mine with the force of a flood

“What a foolish man!”, I shrugged, as I looked at his wife and child
They looked back at me, crying and wailing as their tears ran wild.
They came trembling to the pavement, Stephen’s bruised body to take
I heard they buried him that night by the side of the lake

Little did I know that Stephen’s mantle would soon be mine to wear
Little did I know that one day, I would have to yield to that same Jesus’ care.
Until that day when my eyes were by the light of heaven blurred
And “Saul! Saul, why do you persecute me?”, was the voice I heard.


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