As I was listening to a brilliant song on Youtube today, called “Dear Younger Me” I wondered if there is something I could say to future me. I listed a few things down. Probably I’ll add to it as the days go by.

Dear future me,

I hope you’ve figured out how to keep your keys in one place and I hope you’ve achieved all that you dreamt of doing. You may be 30, or 40, or 50. Heck, you may be on a bed laying flat waiting for the days to end.

Dear future me, don’t look back on the past. You’ve messed up in the past and its covered by Christ. Give it up and move on. If there are things you couldn’t check off your bucket list, remember, its never too late.

Dear future me, when I said “Don’t look back on the past”, I didn’t mean that you shouldn’t count your blessings. If you need to look back on the past, look back on it to draw wisdom from your experience and counting the blessings that went by.

Dear future me, I hope you are a prayer warrior. I hope you’ve set God sized goals and set your hands to work on the impossible- stuff which cant be done unless God personally intervenes.I hope you are generous and kind. I hope you speak the truth and stand by the broken. I hope you speak life to lifeless and lead them to the cross. I hope you are a humble man.

Dear future me, I hope you’ve stopped complaining. If you haven’t ; you can be sure that the younger you is disappointed in you. Be the guy who is a part of the solution. Complaining never solved a problem and never will.

Dear future me, I hope you have told everyone you truly love that you love them. I hope your actions speak louder than your words. I hope you are a quiet man, unlike the younger you who is boisterous, loud and sometimes- annoying. I hope you’ve pursued God and let go off your anger. I hope you’ve forgiven everyone you needed to forgive and hold no grudges. I hope you’ve faced your fears and fought for your dreams.

Dear future me, I hope you are a man who tries before he gives up. I hope you try over and over and over again and will only be satisfied by the applause of the nail pierced hands.

Dear future me, I hope God is your one desire. I hope you love God and earnestly long for Him. I hope you set an example to those around you. I hope you work your spiritual muscles and your physical muscles.

Dear future me, I hope you’ve overcome your desire for food. No, gluttony has never done you any good and I hope you are healthy as a horse and serving the Lord in good faith.

Dear future me, I hope you are a faithful husband- and a charming one. I hope you have not looked at another woman with a lustful eye. I hope you have never let a bad word slip from your mouth. I hope you speak with grace. I hope you don’t gossip.

Dear future me, I hope you are praying father. I hope you daily pray for your children. I hope they look upto you and can approach you. Be friendly to them and don’t make them feel inferior. I hope that you are so disciplined that your children don’t need any disciplining. Don’t put them to shame- but don’t spare the rod, if need be.

Dear future me, I hope you read your Bible everyday. I hope you’re not like how I am now. I hope you are a crazy worshipper. I hope you continue to pick new talents and don’t ever rest. I hope you are crazy about missions and out reach and all the things Jesus gave us as a commission before he left.

Dear future me, I hope you are filled with wisdom and understanding. I hope you fight the devil and all his ploys. I hope you lead a life regarding which it will be said “Ah! A good and faithful servant!”

Dear future me, I hope you have learnt to be wise and grown to be a man of great discretion. I hope you are not a sluggard. I hope you are not slack in work. I hope you are a good listener. I hope you are a gentleman.

Dear future me, I hope you have kept an eye out for your ageing parents. I hope you visit them. I hope you take flowers for mom and magazines for dad. I hope you tell them how much you love them and how thankful you are for them. Don’t let those opportunities go. And if you have grandchildren, I hope you show them much love and tell them amazing stories. I hope you can be a friend to them. If they make you feel old and stupid, its okay. Remember how granny dealt with scenarios like that and did not complain.

Dear future me, I hope you’ve set an example for your sister and shared the gospel with your brother in law. I hope you have prayed every day for your nieces.

Dear future me, I hope you don’t have to go through tough times, but if life throws a few stones or waves at you, I hope you will gracefully endure them and keep faith like an anchor- so that those stones or waves don’t rattle your ship.

Dear future me, the world might be so different when you’re reading this. Maybe they’ve figured out inter-planetary travel. Maybe you’ve survived a world war. Whatever it is, I hope that your one hope is in Christ. I hope you don’t lead a halfhearted life. I hope you pull your socks and live day after day – each day being anointed with the Holy Spirit.

Dear future me, if you couldn’t achieve all you wanted to, its okay. If there are dreams unfulfilled, its okay. Give it all to Jesus.

I hope you still like hymns. I hope your favourite hymns still are “The Old Rugged Cross”, “Take my life and let it be”, “Abide with me”, and “Just as I am I come to Thee”. I hope you write songs when God inspires you.

Dear future me, in case you’ve messed up, its okay. Jesus was faithful then and is faithful now. I hope you don’t punish yourself. Don’t let what’s wrong with you keep you- from worshipping what’s right with God. He loves you more that I love us. Forgive yourself and let God forgive you. He’s a good, good Father!

Stay steadfast. Stay solid. 

See ya later, alligator!


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