Father Abraham!

I can’t but remember that early mid summer morn
When precious little Isaac was finally finally born.
A hundred years I had waited to see this son of mine
His eyes sparkled like the night sky and his lips were red as wine

This precious son was all I wanted in my time on earth!
His presence took away Sarah’s sadness and filled her life with mirth.
His laughter made us smile and took our toils away.
Each night I would thank God and for Isaac’s future pray.

Everything was fine and dandy until I heard God’s majestic voice;
As his breath uttered my name- I could only but rejoice!
Little did I know that this time, my God would ask from me-
What would break my heart and tear my soul and make me want to flee.

Take your son, your only son, the one who you love;
Sacrifice him to Me, the God of earth and heavens up above.
Take Isaac and walk with him to Moriah’s mountain top-
Burn his body upon the altar. Don’t delay or pause and stop.

I didn’t know what was on God’s mind but my heart was deeply broken
But there was nothing else I could do. For I knew that God had spoken.
“Maybe praying doesn’t work” I thought, for I once had prayed for Sodom
But God didn’t heed my pleading and burnt it from top to bottom.
My sweat and tears wet my pillow as I clutched my son and slept
I couldn’t even cry aloud for my wife would know that I’d wept.

Early next morning I awoke and picked the sharpest knife.
The sort I hoped would quickly bring an end to my son’s life.
I could imagine the smell of his flesh as it would burn in the flame
I didn’t want to do this. “Oh Isaac”, I breathed his name.

Soon we packed our little food and took the longest road
I tried to make the journey last long so I often paused and slowed.
Little did my son know that I hid a dagger for his neck
Although I smiled along with him, inside I was a nervous, broken wreck.

We finally reached the mountain and I bid my servants stay
And I made the final walk with Isaac making sure each moment would not just pass away.
While we walked a certain distance I chose to no longer talk
We had reached the place chosen for his death. There wasn’t a step extra left to walk.

I quickly ran behind Isaac and tied his hands behind his back
And I put my knife to his throat just like I planned to attack.
“Daddy, No!”, he cried as I cried my heart away
I put him on the makeshift altar and bent to kneel and pray

I remembered that moment that the name Isaac meant “He laughs”
Oh! The irony. All that’s left for Isaac was agony!

His shrill cries of horror would stain my heart and mind
And he tried to free those little hands that his father had stiffly twined.
I raised the dagger and caught a glimpse of his teary eyes
His face was puffed and there he lay breathing a muffled cry

“Abraham ! Abraham!”, I heard that familiar voice
I could recognize it’s sweetness despite Isaac’s woeful noise.
“Don’t lay your hand upon that boy for I know you fear and love me above all!
Lo and behold! Listen to the ram and heed it’s meek call.
Untie the boy from the altar and lay the ram over there instead.
Oh Abraham! The story of your faith and fear shall be spoken for generations ahead.”

So, dear reader, They call me the father of faith and so if I could give you some advice:
Just know that Faith doesn’t disappoint and God’s lips don’t utter lies!
Sometimes God may ask you to do something crazy- and put your life at stake;
Just know that if you obey God right there and then, it would never be a mistake.
Also know that it’s always deeply difficult to give up something you deeply love-
But if He asks you to give up- then do it & be faithful to God above.




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