No one listened and not one cared.
When I for them God’s word declared.
To the world I was a fool of the stupidest, queerest kind
For who’d build an ark on dry land in their right mind?

Yet for a century and more- I patiently toiled.
Each day my clothes were with grease and sawdust soiled.
I built the ark with care and earnestly prepared my kin
And finally God one day said “Noah, now its time to enter in.”

A torrent seized the earth- but we were prepared
Though billows blew against us we surely weren’t scared.
For forty days the rains fell and then they recessed and stopped
And soon on dry land we gleefully skipped and under rainbows hopped.

In Sunday schools and churches, this story is so often taught
But for a minute I beg that you pause and reflect upon this thought:

If for a hundred and twenty years, God’s favor hadn’t led me thus
I’d have surely broken down or given up and been a man of fuss
Oh! If I, Noah didn’t have faith and didn’t have trust
I would have lost my way and been one of the unjust
If for a hundred and twenty years I did not each day pray
I would surely have lost my peace somewhere along the way.
If all along, I didn’t diligently lead a righteous, holy life
I wouldn’t have set a good precedent for my children and my wife.

I’d like you to know, dear reader- that it took me a really long time
To build a humongous ark in obedience- was no children’s rhyme
To build the ark in faith- was a hundred and twenty year long chore
It was never over until God said so and sealed the great ark door.
To build an ark while people mocked me- was no joy at all
But all I did, I did earnestly- at the Father’s beck and call.

So next time you sing that Mr.Noah song, remember all of this
Remember my life wasn’t simple- and wasn’t always filled with bliss
It wasn’t just 40 days that I bore the storm and the billows
For I prepared for it for a hundred and twenty years and knew no rest or pillows!


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