Nehemiah in a nutshell

There was a man named Nehemiah
He had a brother named Hanani
They wanted to rebuild a broken Jerusalem wall.
But Nehemiah was a cupbearer
To King Artaxerexes
To build the wall, he needed some time off!

*Nehemiah went into his room to pray
He found the favour of the Lord and the king with no delay
He took some timber from Asaph along the way
And he marched to rebuild the broken Jerusalem wall*

But he had a bunch of goons he needed to deal with first
Tobiah, Sanballat and Gershom-
So he prayed again and found wisdom-wisdom from the Lord
To rebuild the broken Jerusalem wall

*Nehemiah rebuilt the wall in 52 days
In all he did he acknowledged the Lord and His ways
Nehemiah was a man who sought favor from the Lord
When he tried to rebuild the broken Jerusalem wall*

He and Ezra and the priests reminded the young and old
Of the goodness and the law of the Lord
They worked together to restore the temple of the Lord
After they rebuilt the broken Jerusalem wall

*Intouch needs to be like Nehemiah today
We need to acknowledge the good Lord and His way
Let us pick our Bibles and learn to kneel and pray
Before our generation goes astray!*


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