One of the most beautiful lessons our pastor left behind last week was this: to check if we are stagnant Christians every six months. There is no hard and fast rule on the timeline. But it is a habit that should be developed as a matter of principle. Not a rule.

He mentioned that if there is no improvement in character and habits, one must pause to check if he is running the race for which he has been called. The true Christian is not a bible college student- or a man with lofty words and superior intellect.

1. The non-stagnant Christian is a disciple. Not a disciple in the eyes of the world- but rather a disciple behind closed doors- when no one is watching. (James 4:17)

2. The non-stagnant Christian has a personal relationship with God. However, his relationship with God is NOT a private affair. (Matt 7:16)

3. The non-stagnant Christian is filled of the Spirit and exhibits the qualities marked by the fruit of the Spirit. He hates wickedness (Gal 5: 19-22, Prov 8:13)

4. Above all, the non-stagnant Christian is a humble man. He realizes he is weak and that his heart is deceptive by nature. He realizes that he needs to entirely rely on God’s grace to sustain in goodness. (Jer 17:9, 1 Peter 5:5)

Gauge yourself! This may seem like a hard exercise- but it will be worth your while. It will train us to build our spiritual muscle and be ready to join the King when he returns. Feel free to speak to your pastor when you are feeling stagnant. Allow a fellow warrior to join you in the fight.

***In collaboration with George Thomas Ninan 🙂 ***


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