There is a constant fight that wages each day of every week;
The fight is for my gaze to draw, and my attention to seek.
Day by day, for all my life, the battle is at every moment fought-
Tis’ a battle for my heart and mind, my soul and my thought. (Eph 6:12)

One Fighter fights for me- only if I pray that He would (Mark 14:38)
The other will fight against me- with all that he could.
One of these fighters loves me, for no reason of mine
The other fighter detests me and wishes that I whine.(John 10:10)

One Fighter gently knocks and calls and waits outside my door; (Rev 3:20)
The other fighter creeps from the chimney and makes a mess upon my floor.

One Fighter seeks to take my burden and loosen my heavy chain. (Psalm 107:14)
The other fighter brings forth shackles; and seeks to marr and stain

The battle among these fighters rages each day and each night.
One battles with darkness. The other battles with Light.

The battle is always happening: when I sleep or stay awake
One Fighter fights to make me steady. The other fights to make me break.

The fight for my attention will go on till I die,
Till flowers crown my coffin, and in my grave I lie.

On that day, my soul shall either rest -with the loving Fighter upon high;
Or it shall creep into Sheol’s shadows- and suffer by and by.

The fight for my attention : begs mine eyes to see:
That the choice is mine to make- to be dirty or be clean. (1Pet 2:11)
That the choice is mine to make-to bask in glory or in shame;(2 Tim 2:3)
That the choice is mine to make- which inheritance I claim.

The choice is mine to make, which fighter I gaze upon-
For that will decide for once and for all if I’d burn or bear a crown! (Phil 1:27-30)

(This poem is based upon a study on Hebrews 12, and a conversation with Evans Thomas, both of which have greatly blessed me and both of which I am truly thankful for.)


2 thoughts on “The Fight for my Attention

  1. I never realized that my body and mind are constantly attacked by one entity and the other is patiently waiting for realization. Now I can approach life in a more cautious way. Well written and documented.


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