Seek ye first oh my soul,
The kingdom of God, the kingdom of God.
His approval make thine only goal,
All else is worthless, all else is flawed.

Seek ye second oh my soul,
Thine family- to bring to serve:
Under Jesus’ calling full and whole,
To never falter, nor to swerve.

Seek ye third, oh my soul,
His church to build, His flag to fly.
That more names be added to the scroll,
And march to heaven by and by!

Seek ye through in all of this, Martin,
To read the Word, and flee from sin.
In purposeful, proactive prayer, pursue your King:
Persist to be consistent in all you bring!

As grandpa said, “The Word within will keep thee away from sin;
Or sin will keep thee away from The Word within.
Humility, Passion and Obedience you shall solely find,
On an oft kneeling knee and an oft mended mind.

All you need to be obedient, is the Father’s grace-
And grace he doth freely give to the humble face.
Prayer! Prayer, oh my soul, shall make you humble;
And make you steadfast where you would otherwise stumble!



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