The Sajan Clan

It’s not everyday that you meet a clan
That is as sweet and nice-as a fruity flan.
Who stand with God, hand in hand
And walk with Him to the promised land

A father who leads the Christian life,
Who guides and cheers his tiny wife.
Who mentors and shepherds his little boy-
This family to watch is such a joy!

Sometimes I walk to church and see:
The mother bent upon her knee.
She prepares hard for the Sunday morns,
And won’t complain of her qualms and thorns.

The father works nights and so he sleeps-
Before the choir comes in for boops and beeps.
He wakes up when the choir needs him to be there-
And plays the keys: while the drummer strikes the snare.

On Sunday morn,you would surely see:
Preeti running around like a buzzing bee!
Befriending each person who walks by the door-
Investing in lives: more and more!

Ah! Israel! Your parents you see:
They’re as amazing as amazing can be!
They serve the Lord with all they’ve got-
They strike the iron while it’s yet hot!
Never have I written: inspired by a clan-
Trust me dear Sajans! I’m your no.1 fan!
May you continue to work for our Immanuel:
And be what truly inspires Israel!

Today I prayed that I would available be:
As Sajan always is : with joy and glee!
Today I prayed that I would one day find:
A woman with a heart of Preeti’s kind!
That my family might serve like the Sajan clan-
And my family be a part of God’s wondrous plan!

Dear Sajan clan, may you steadfast be
And gain your strength from Calvary’s tree.
Push on forward with your kin and manner.
And hoist the much needed Christian banner!


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