Sixty Years of Awesomeness

I thought I’d get mother some candles that sit upon a cake
I thought I’d get her food and wine or take her to the lake.
Then I thought I’d wake her up at night and sing the birthday song
I also contemplated a noisy night and with some cymbals and a gong

But then I thought my mother deserves a poem on her name
And this I hope for ages thus will speak forth of her fame
This mother of mine is much alike the lady of Proverbs 31
She wakes up at the strike of dawn and begins her nimble run

She works hard and doesn’t ease when billows strike the ship
She is graceful in her fight, with the Bible in her grip.
Although times have come when the home would fall apart
She bound us all together with the love in all her heart

She is gentle, kind and easily hurt if I say a wasteful word
And yet she smiles ignoring all and tightens up her gird
She carries about her work meticulously – and seeks no earthly praise
She honors God with all she has and upon Him only gaze

Age has touched her bones of steel and now she has a tiny hunch
Yet she grows old most gracefully and cooks amazing lunch.
Her sixty years of awesomeness were sixty years of love
Hers has been a life pristine to please the One above

I have learnt much from her- of gentleness and grace
Her anchor is God and His word. You can see it on her face.
Oh ! If I find a girl like her- there is nothing I will miss
I would marry her against all tide- and live a life of bliss.

She sets her eyes each morning -to bring joy to us all
She honors God and listens still: to the Spirit and His call
She has battled well against torrents; and against torrid vice
Her heart is pure and virtuous. Her lips don’t utter lies.

Oh! And when she sings, the angels recess to listen to her voice
I can imagine that God would look on the earth and in His daughter rejoice
He’d look to Mr and Mrs. Luther- and point out to the Earth;
And say, “Mary sings my name! She was worth that painful birth!

This my prayer, God, this my plea
That my daughter would as my mother be
Loving, gentle, wise and tender – yet regal in her talk
Careful, cautious, pure and gracious- steadfast in her walk!

I wish Mother lives as long as me and has the best of health
I wish she engages us with her smile and lives a life of wealth
I pray she grows near to God with each day that comes and goes
I pray her days be smooth as silk as the good Lord writes her prose.



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