The Prodigal

I was born to a Father who was wealthy and wise:
Who prayed each day that I pursue not vice.
I had all the instruction that one would need,
But oh! My heart was filled with greed.

Greed the plague. Greed, the vice!
Now I yearn for forbidden ties!
My heart is set on Sodom’s sin-
My thirst would soothe on Gomorrah’s gin.

I spoke to Father, and asked him I,
To part his wealth and set his eye-
Away from me that I may gain:
My own wealth and all that’s vain.

He said, “My son, you are but a lamb,
Innocent and gullible, and such a sham!
You would not survive the bloody night.
I beg that you rethink your flight!

Riches you have in my house too.
I your Father will guide you through.
My servants will heed your beck and call,
My soldiers shall stand and protect your wall.

I beg -oh son, Flee not from Me!
I love you too much to set you free!
But love I do, so I shall let you choose:
Wisdom’s glory or Vice’s goose.

I took Father’s gold and my bag of lies,
And walked away to the city of Vice.
The tune of sin! Mine ears, recline!
The whore was calling, and so was wine.

Ah the Jasper and Oh the gold!
Ah the women here, They were so bold!
Their lips they curl, their bodies sway:
And seek to please me every day.

The wine was wondrous, my throat it burnt:
The gin was gorgeous, as I soon learnt,
The ale and beer my friends became.
They won my soul, my heart they’d tame.

Father’s money and riches brought forth friends,
Of intellect and knowledge and twisted bends.
They loved my wealth and I splurged on them.
They wheedled to me that I was quite a gem.

Then came a day when wealth was lost,
And I saw the face of my holocaust!
The wolves had gathered and my soul lay bare,
My life was ruined with no one to care!

I turned to my neighbor, who once was a friend,
And begged that he my situation mend.
He looked me in the eye and sniggered thus:
“Feed my pigs and make no fuss!”

My food, my wealth, and all my drink-
Had vanished quick in but a blink.
I had to eat from the filthy sty-
Confused and delirious, I began to cry.

I knew that now since I had come thus far,
My hope was lost, my soul was scarred.
I broke down and wailed as I watched the pig:
I now was as weak and scrawny – as a twig!

In Father’s home I would royally be-
Dining and living .. my soul so free.
Ah ! I exchanged my precious life for gore & death!
And now this despicable stench had filled my breath.

“Would now my Father open his door
And choose to love me as He loved before?
Atleast would He let me a servant be-
Would He now accept my mercy plea?”

I took my bag and bid swine goodbye:
And walked homeward without an alibi.
My Father would disgust when he would see:
What I did when I was thus set free.

All I carried back was guilt and sorrow.
I had no hope left for tomorrow.
Vice had consumed my Father’s gold.
My life was over. My soul was sold.

Would Father throw me in the fire?
Or roll my body in barbed wire?
Would He pretend that He doesn’t know:
This son of His who fell so low?

I walked homeward and then I heard,
A cry so shallow, and yet so whole.
My son? My son! I see him thus!
His brow is broken, embossed in puss!

He ran to me and threw his arms:
My sores and bruises my only charms.
He wept of joy and blessed my heart!
And bid the servants create culinary art!

My son returned! Bring the fattest cow,
Let us thus celebrate, right here, right now!
He once was lost, but now is found!
My heart is full! My joy is sound!

And this my brother, I say to thee:
Your Hope in Christ shall set you free!
As you walk to him, He will run to thee.
His enduring love your staff shall be!

Much can be sung of our God and King.
A man as me, now has His ring.
If He can save me, He can save us all.
If you respond to His humble call.

If you are stripped of joy and health:
And all is lost- your gold, your wealth.
Return to Him, and He shall restore:
Your strength like an eagle’s, new heights to soar!

The price for you was paid upon that cross-
As angels and demons witnessed the Father’s loss.
Nails dug His flesh on Calvary’s tree.
While Jesus died to set you free.

The Father loved. He always will.
He begs you turn your eyes upon His hill-
And lay your guilt and sin away.
And return to him this very day.

He keeps no record of your sinful ways:
He holds no grudges against your days.
The call is loud but your time is short!
Heed it now and your ways abort.

God is calling the prodigal home-
Return right now from your catacomb!
He loved you then. He loves you still!
Your sin to bear is His deepest will.


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