The Martin I wish to be


Father, give me these in the order of your choosing: The surrender of Habakkuk. The creativity of Bezalel and Oholiab. The humility of Moses. The heart of David. The prayer life of Daniel. The courage of Stephen. The resilience of Caleb. The battle call of Gideon. The kindness of Naomi. The inquisitiveness of the Bereans. The faith of Abraham. The perseverance of Noah. The strength of Samson. The obedience and decisiveness of Joshua. The response of Esther. The testimony of Mordecai. The submission of Paul. The curiosity of Zacchaeus. The urgency of Matthew. The willingness of Mary. The discipline of Joseph. The burden of Nehemiah. The covenant eyes and patience of Job. The fighting spirit of Jacob. The repentant heart of Peter. The burdened heart and intercession of Jeremiah. The steadfastness of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Open my eyes to my foolishness. Give me the wisdom of Solomon. Give me the outreach of Andrew. Give me a friend like Jonathan. Give me the kindness of Lydia. Sanctify my lips as you sanctified the lips of Isaiah. Let me wrestle in prayer like Epaphras. Let soul respond to you willingly, as Samuel did. Let me be ready, like Rebekah! And when my heart is hard, break through it like you broke through the walls of Jordan. When my soul wells up with fear and trembling, split my seas like you did the Red Sea! Let my soul please thee and love thee as thou deserve to be pleased and loved! Let not my heart turn hard, like the Pharoah’s. Keep my heart intact. Let me never dance to Jezabel’s tune. Let my wealth be the from the work of modest hands that desire to please you and glorify you in work ethic. Let me not seek gold, girls or glory. Let me seek the kingdom of God!




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